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Committee Assignments

Download password can be obtained from Mason Porter or Peter Mucha

The 'readme' text below is modified from the file congdatareadme.txt in the download:

The committee data in the download file was analyzed in the following papers. Please cite one or both of them in any paper that uses this data. (If citing only one of them, it should probably be the PNAS article.)

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  title =        {A network analysis of committees in the {U}nited {S}tates {H}ouse of {R}epresentatives},
  journal =      {Proceeings of the National Academy of Sciences},
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  author =       {Porter, Mason A. and Mucha, Peter J. and Newman, {M.~E.~J.} and Friend, A. J.}, 
  title =        {Community Structure in the {U}nited {S}tates {H}ouse of {R}epresentatives},
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  volume =       {physics/0602033}

The matrices in the file describe the bipartite committee assignment network of the US House of Representatives from the 101st--107th Congresses. The voting matrices are not included, but the Representatives present in this data set include only Representatives who voted in the roll call during the relevant Congress (no delegates, etc.). Data for the roll call votes can be downloaded from Keith Poole's Voteview website.

The matrices in the data file are named as follows:

     M1--M7: bipartite networks (M1 = 101st House, etc.)

     chair1--chair7: (sub)committees chairs (labeled by number in M matrices)

     comms1--comms7: list of (sub)committees

     names1--names7: list of names

     standing1--standing7: list of standing committees (labeled by number in M's)

Note: We have some other data files as well; these are available by e-mail request.