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Date:    Mon, 6 Oct 2008 10:57:39 +0200
From:    Vladimir Batagelj <vladimir.batagelj@FMF.UNI-LJ.SI>
Subject: Re: Amazon Books

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> > I searched for the keyword 'Magnesium' on the Amazon site and found more
> > than 50,000 titles, of which only 20 appear on the first page. I would
> > like to draw a network from this data and would appreciate some help from
> > anyone on this list who may have done this before.

To draw a network you have first to define it. Assume that the
50,000 titles are vertices, what are the links?

Some years ago I wrote a program in Python to get the network from
Amazon based on "Customers who bought" ...

Since the program was interrupted several times I built in also
the 'restart from' option.
For small networks (some houndreds of vertices) I wrote, as an
'how to' illustration for students, a similar program in R.
The structure of Amazon's pages changed - some adaptations in both
programs are needed.

See also

-- Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, FMF, Department of Mathematics Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia