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Community Detection

Note: Mason: We should probably try separate the categories of methods papers and application papers

Review articles on community detection

Communities in Networks by Mason A. Porter, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, and Peter J. Mucha (Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 56, No. 9: 1082-1097, 1164-1166.)

Community Detection in graphs by Santo Fortunato (arXiv:0906.0612)

Community Structure in Graphs by Santo Fortunato, Claudio Castellano (arXiv:0712.2716)

Comparing community structure identification by Danon, Diaz-Guilera, Duch & Arenas, J. Stat. Mech. (2005).

Research papers on community structure detection and applications of community detection

Beyond Space For Spatial Networks by Paul Expert, Tim Evans, Vincent D. Blondel, Renaud Lambiotte

Role-based similarity in directed networks by Kathryn Cooper, Mauricio Barahona

Finding statistically significant communities in networks by Andrea Lancichinetti, Filippo Radicchi, Jose' Javier Ramasco, Santo Fortunato

Stochastic blockmodels and community structure in networks by Brian Karrer, M. E. J. Newman

Characterizing the community structure of complex networks by Andrea Lancichinetti, Mikko Kivela, Jari Saramaki, Santo Fortunato

Community extraction for social networks by Yunpeng Zhao, Elizaveta Levina, Ji Zhu

Combinatorial approach to Modularity by Filippo Radicchi, Andrea Lancichinetti, José J. Ramasco

Empirical Comparison of Algorithms for Network Community Detection by Jure Leskovec, Kevin J. Lang, Michael W. Mahoney

Detecting highly overlapping community structure by greedy clique expansion by Conrad Lee, Fergal Reid, Aaron McDaid, Neil Hurley

A nonparametric view of network models and Newman–Girvan and other modularities by Peter J. Bickel and Aiyou Chen

Hearing the clusters in a graph: A distributed algorithm by Tuhin Sahai, Alberto Speranzon, Andrzej Banaszuk

Using network function to define and identify community structure by Sanjeev Chauhan, Michelle Girvan, Edward Ott

The performance of modularity maximization in practical contexts by Benjamin H. Good, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, Aaron Clauset

Community detection algorithms: a comparative analysis by Andrea Lancichinetti, Santo Fortunato

Identifying Community Structures from Network Data via Maximum Likelihood Methods by Jernej ˇCopiˇc, Matthew O. Jackson, and Alan Kirman

Mapping change in large networks by M. Rosvall, C. T. Bergstrom

Stability of graph communities across time scales by J.-C. Delvenne, S.N. Yaliraki, M. Barahona

Dynamics and Modular Structure in Networks by R. Lambiotte, J.-C. Delvenne, M. Barahona

Multiresolution community detection for mega-scale networks by information-based replica correlations by Peter Ronhovde and Zohar Nussinov

Analysis of community structure in networks of correlated data by S. Gomez, P. Jensen, A. Arenas

Community detection in networks with positive and negative links by V.A. Traag, Jeroen Bruggeman

Detect overlapping and hierarchical community structure in networks by Huawei Shen, Xueqi Cheng, Kai Cai, Mao-Bin Hu

Community Structure in Large Networks: Natural Cluster Sizes and the Absence of Large Well-Defined Clusters by Jure Leskovec, Kevin J. Lang, Anirban Dasgupta, Michael W. Mahoney

Animating the development of Social Networks over time using a dynamic extension of multidimensional scaling by Loet Leydesdorff, Thomas Schank, Andrea Scharnhorst, Wouter De Nooy

Community structures and role detection in music networks by T. Teitelbaum, P. Balenzuela, P. Cano, J. M. Buldu

Multistep greedy algorithm identifies community structure in real-world and computer-generated networks by Philipp Schuetz, Amedeo Caflisch

Who is keeping you in that community? by Muhittin Mungan, Jose J. Ramasco

Towards Real Time Community Detection in Large Network by Ian X.Y. Leung, Pan Hui, Pietro Lio', Jon Crowcroft

Detecting groups of similar components in complex networks by J. Wang and C.-H. Lai

Trees = Networks ?!? by Luciano da Fontoura Costa, Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues

Motif-based communities in complex networks by A. Arenas, A. Fernandez, S. Fortunato and S. Gomez [Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41, 224001 (2008)]

New approach to community detection in networks by A.D. Medus, C.O. Dorso (possible useful idea in this paper: notion of weak versus strong communities)

Modularity clustering is force-directed layout by Andreas Noack

Particle competition for complex network community detection by Marcos G. Quiles, Liang Zhao, Ronaldo L. Alonso, and Roseli A. F. Romero

Identification of community structure in networks with convex optimization by Roland Hildebrand

Optimal partition and effective dynamics of complex networks by Weinen E, Tiejun Li, and Eric Vanden-Eijnden

New benchmark in community detection by Andrea Lancichinetti, Santo Fortunato, Filippo Radicchi

Resolution limit in community detection, Fortunato and Barthélemy, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104, 36-41 (2007)

A sequential algorithm for fast clique percolation by Jussi M. Kumpula, Mikko Kivela, Kimmo Kaski, Jari Saramaki

Hierarchical structure and the prediction of missing links in networks by Aaron Clauset, Cristopher Moore, & M. E. J. Newman

Community Evolution of Social Network: Feature, Algorithm and Model by Yi Wang, Bin Wu, Nan Du

On the relationship between the structural and socioacademic communities of a coauthorship network by Marko A. Rodriguez and Alberto Pepe

Thermodynamics of community structure by Claire P. Massen, Jonathan P. K. Doye

Robustness of community structure in networks by Brian Karrer, Elizaveta Levina, M. E. J. Newman

Module identification in bipartite and directed networks by Roger Guimerà, Marta Sales-Pardo, and Luís A. Nunes Amaral

Overlapping Community Detection in Bipartite Networks by Nan Du, Bin Wu, Bai Wang, Yi Wang

Searching for Communities in Bipartite Networks by Michael J. Barber, Margarida Faria, Ludwig Streit, Oleg Strogan

Detecting modules in dense weighted networks with the Potts method by Tapio Heimo, Jussi Kumpula, Kimmo Kaski, Jari Saramaki

An Improved Potts Model Applied to Community Detection by Peter Ronhovde and Zohar Nussinov (see also reference [24] in this paper)

Detecting the overlapping and hierarchical community structure of complex networks by Andrea Lancichinetti, Santo Fortunato, Janos Kertesz

Extending the definition of modularity to directed graphs with overlapping communities by Vincenzo Nicosia, Giuseppe Mangioni, Vincenza Carchiolo and Michele Malgeri

Bi-clique Communities by Sune Lehmann, Martin Schwartz, and Lars Kai Hansen

Modularity and community detection in bipartite networks by Michael J. Barber

Finding local community structure in networks by Aaron Clauset

Finding community structure in very large networks by Aaron Clauset, Mark Newman, and Cristopher Moore

Communicability in complex networks by Ernesto Estrada and Naomichi Hatano

Quality Functions in Community Detection by Santo Fortunato

Module identification in bipartite and directed networks by Roger Guimerà, Marta Sales-Pardo, and Luís A. Nunes Amaral

Emergence of communities in weighted networks by J.M. Kumpula, J.-P. Onnela, J. Saramaki, K. Kaski, and J. Kertesz

Fuzzy communities and the concept of bridgeness in complex networks by Tamás Nepusz, Andrea Petróczi, László Négyessy, and Fülöp Bazsó

Finding community structure in networks using the eigenvectors of matrices (arxiv version; has since appeared in PRE) by Mark Newman

An information-theoretic framework for resolving community structure in complex networks by Martin Rosvall and Carl T. Bergstrom

Maps of Information Flow Reveal Community Structure In Complex Networks by M. Rosvall and C. T. Bergstrom

Identifying network communities with a high resolution by Jianhua Ruan and Weixiong Zhang

Extracting the hierarchical organization of complex systems by M. Sales-Pardo, R. Guimera, A. Moreira, and L. Amaral

Using diffusion on graphs and the information bottleneck by Etay Ziv et al. (code via sourceforge)

A Bayesian Approach to Network Modularity by Jake M. Hofman and Chris H. Wiggins

Community structure in directed networks by Eliazabth Lecht and Mark Newman

The clustering coefficient and community structure of bipartite networks by Peng Zhang, Jinliang Wang, Xiaojia Li, Zengru Di, and Ying Fan

Motif-based communities in complex networks by Alex Arenas, Alberto Fernandez, Santo Fortunato, and Sergio Gomez

Community Detection in Complex Networks by Dynamical Simplex Evolution by V. Gudkov and V. Montealegre

Modularity and Community Detection in Complex Networks by Benjamin H. Good (undergraduate thesis; has a couple of placeholders, so seemingly not quite final version)

Need to add links to the following:

  • various articles by Mark Newman and/or Michelle Girvan
  • Bagrow-Bollt

Papers on modules/connectivity in networks but not necessarily on community structure

How relevant are features for network structure? by Ginestra Bianconi, Paolo Pin, Matteo Marsili

Characterization of Subgraphs Relationships and Distribution in Complex Networks by Lucas Antiqueira, Luciano da Fontoura Costa

Organization of modular networks by S. N. Dorogovtsev, J. F. F. Mendes, A. N. Samukhin, A. Y. Zyuzin

A dual assortative measure of community structure by Todd D. Kaplan, Stephanie Forrest (this papers discusses generalizing modularity to weighted networks with both positive and negative links)

Size reduction of complex networks preserving modularity by A. Arenas, J. Duch, A. Fernandez, and S. Gomez (note: includes discussion relating directed modularity to undirected modularity)

Classes of complex networks defined by role-to-role connectivity profiles by R. Guimera, M. Sales-Pardo, L.A.N. Amaral [link is to arxiv version; journal ref is Nature Physics 3, 63-69 (2007)]

Directed network modules by Gergely Palla, Illes J. Farkas, Peter Pollner, Imre Derenyi, Tamas Vicsek

Role models for complex networks by Joerg Reichardt and Douglas R. White