What have we done to get this wiki working and configured?

Downloaded and unpacked PmWiki in personal afs public_html space. Later moved entire wiki into my amath public_html space, enabled with a symbolic link, so that we have more space and the site will automatically absorb into my existing file synchronization and backup protocol.

Copied docs/sample-config.php to local/config.php and edit appropriately, including site passwords for admin, attr, edit and upload. Read passwords for private groups set by group attributes as described in Passwords.

In addition to making and chmod'ing the wiki.d and uploads directories, these directories (and their subdirectories!) needed to give the right acl for the webhost:
fs setacl directoryname atn:webhosts write
which one can check with
fs listacl directoryname
Note that you need to have admin rights on the directory you are working in so as to assign these write rights to the webhosts. If you don't have such rights, you will have to go get them or find someone who has them in order to proceed.

Changed upload file size limit to 20MB (note the server hosting NetWiki has its own constraint somewhere 8-10MB).

Followed URL Rewrite instructions in CleanURLs cookbook.

Installed LightSkin. Moved ring icons into top of Sidebars (later changed to a direct http link to prevent needing separate uploads). Note that each new group needs a new directory in uploads and chmod 777 (but no explicit setacl?). Numerous customizations played with in pub/css/local.css.

Installed ExpireDiff, modifying the second SDV line to change permissions from 'edit' to 'admin'.

Installed RenamePage, with lines 83 and 242 changed so that only admin can rename pages.

Added files to prevent directory listings of uploads directories.

Added Logout links to upper right bar in light.php.

Added .fig, .m, .mat & .tar uploads allowed in config.php

Installed MimeTeX following instruction #3 with mimetex.cgi compiled on baobab and installed in my public_cgi directory (following cgi instructions from, with image ALIGN changed to absMIDDLE in mimetex.php. Later recompiled with -DCACHEPATH pointing to public_cgi/cache and then setacl atn:webhosts write the cache directory to make it work.

Use NetWiki configuration as the base installation for a WikiFarm and started the BioCalculus@UNC wiki.

Moved whole of netwiki directory into its own AFS volume (5GB quota). Note when moving the files to a separate directory, you need to setacl for atn:webhosts to l (lookup) on all the parent directories so that they are accessible and then be sure to set necessary directories to read and to write. In order to setacl recursively through subdirectories, the following use of find is very useful: find . -type d -exec fs setacl {} joeblow write \;

Installed the SimultaneousEdits cookbook to better handle multiple people editing.

Enabled a Blocklist and installed the Captcha cookbook to try to stay ahead of the spam bots.