"XGMML was created to be used for the WWWPAL System that visualizes web sites as a graph"

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  • John Punin, Dept of Computer Science RPI
  • Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Dept of Computer Science RPI


Last updated: 08/24/2001

Short Example

<graph directed="1" graphic="1" Layout="points">
  <node id="1" label="Node 1" weight="0">
    <graphics type="rhombus" x="270" y="90">
  <node id="2" label="node 2" weight="0">
    <graphics type="ver_ellipsis" x="350" y="190">
   <node id="3" label="node 3" weight="0">
     <graphics type="circle" x="190" y="190">
  <edge source="3" target="1" weight="0" label="Edge from node 3 to node 1">
  <edge source="1" target="2" weight="0" label="Edge from node 1 to node 2">
  <edge source="2" target="3" weight="0" label="Edge from node 2 to node 3">