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The Data Formats group in NetWiki was started as a contribution by Skye Bender-deMoll (skyebend you-know-what-goes-here from his Network Data Formats Wiki. A big thanks to Skye!

What is this?

The Data Formats wiki group of NetWiki was conceived as a quick-and-dirty archive to collect and summarize information about data formats and software for Social Network Analysis and related fields. Most of the material has been lifted from discussions on the SOCNET listserv.


For now, entries are divided up into the following categories:

  • Problems - issues we might like to address around developing common data formats
  • Goals - what we would like from data formats / standards
  • Process - ideas on how to get there
  • Formats - descriptions of existing and proposed formats
  • Software - lists of known software with features and supported formats
  • Example Data - resources providing relevant data in one of the formats for testing

Mark Round's map of formats and software

The diagram below has been updated