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!DOT Langauge

Input format for [[Graphviz]], one of the orgiginal graph layout programs.

!!Main Site:

Multiple, orginally AT&T research

mail list:


Software is under Common Public Licence, presumeably spec as well?

!!Translators and language bindings
Lots of well developed projects on graphviz site

!!Short Example:
graph ER {
node [shape=box]; course; institute; student;
node [shape=ellipse]; {node [label="name"] name0; name1; name2;}
code; grade; number;
node [shape=diamond,style=filled,color=lightgrey]; "C-I"; "S-C"; "S-I";

name0 -- course;
code -- course;
course -- "C-I" [label="n",len=1.00];
"C-I" -- institute [label="1",len=1.00];
institute -- name1;
institute -- "S-I" [label="1",len=1.00];
"S-I" -- student [label="n",len=1.00];
student -- grade;
student -- name2;
student -- number;
student -- "S-C" [label="m",len=1.00];
"S-C" -- course [label="n",len=1.00];

label = "\n\nEntity Relation Diagram\ndrawn by NEATO";